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Recycling Tires as Tomato Planters for Earth Day

We love tomatoes, and its time to get some planted.

We’re renting a small house now, with a nicely landscaped backyard designed for easy care – and it comes with a gardener, which is terrific for us. The question was, where to plant the tomatoes? There’s a nice area at the back corner that gets plenty of sun, we just had to come up with a portable, temporary planter for our garden.

Then Bev remembered Tante Melita. She was Bev’s mom’s German aunt, but to everyone in our family she was simply “Tante.” Tante was the Queen of recycle/reuse, and she loved gardening. In her back yard on Justin Lane in Austin, Tante grew vegetables, flowers, caster beans to ward off mosquitoes… you name it.

And she used old tires as planters.

So here’s our vision for our Earth Day Tomato Planting Project… enjoy.

This annotation was created on an iPad with Doceri software, the voice over (Bev) and guitar (Greg) were recorded with Quick Time screen capture.

Now it’s time to get off the computer and head out for some potting soil…

What are you doing for Earth Day?