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AbqNeither one of us can remember if we've been to Albuquerque before, but we must have becuase we've both traveled through this part of the country. Bev's dad tells a great story about when he was about 15, driving from Austin Texas to California with Grand Daddy and Uncle John. They'd promised mama that they would write to her from every town where they stopped for the night. They stopped, Grand Daddy got out his paper, licked his pencil lead and said "where are we?" John said "Albuquerque." Grand Daddy thought for a minute and said "get in the car, we're goin' to the next down."

Our friend Susie Glaze has a great bluegrass song about Albuquerque… she even spells it! Listen here, its on here new album Green Kentucky Blues.

We'll be spreading the love tonight at Solid Grounds Coffee House at St. Stephens Methodist Church, then tomorrow morning at the High Desert Center for Spiritual Living. A lovely Valentine's weekend!