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Ronny Cox, Hopeless Romantic

Ronny Cox’s first love, his soul mate, was Mary Griffith. He was 14 and she was 11, and she had a paper route. He was aware of her when she was 11, he says, because “there weren’t too many girls who had paper routes in those days.”

We met Ronny and Mary at the 2006 Folk Alliance Conference in Austin, and later Ronny performed in our house concert series. We see him at music events and we keep threatening to take him up on his offer to stay with him when we visit Bev’s daughter at UCLA.

He says he doesn’t like just being Ronny the actor, or Ronny the musician … he just likes to be Ronny.  And he does a pretty darn good job at that. He’s a great story teller, a wonderful performer, and a fabulous human being who took the time to visit the Rolling Hills Middle School cast of Hello Dolly the afternoon before our house concert.

Ronny Cox co-stars in an ABC Family Movie Truth Be Told tonight, Saturday April 16, at 8/7 central. This is a short interview about his life with Mary as inspiration for his role in the movie. His voice – his whole face – lights up when he talks about her. It always has.

What’s funny, to me anyway, is that we saw Mary and Ronny at the next table in the hotel restaurant in Austin before we actually met them… and they were arguing. But we know all about that. That’s passion for you. Deep love and respect create a truthful relationship where it’s safe to speak your mind – and safe to shut up and listen.

Thank you Ronny and Mary, for that deep love. We can still see it in Ronny’s face, and it does change the world.

– Bev