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What is Love?

What a privilege to be a part of someone’s love story.

On their first date, George and Gloria Gates walked into Mission City Coffee in Fremont, Calif., just as we were singing The Miracle. When you create from your heart, you just never know how far your creation will reach to affect peoples lives!

This video interview is part of a new series of stories created by SAVE – Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments, a nonprofit organization in Fremont, Calif, to highlight positive, inspiring relationships.

We love you George and Gloria!


Happy Anniversary to Us! How Love has Changed Our World

weddingAugust 24, 2012 is our tenth wedding anniversary. This photo is of us exchanging our vows – singing Buddy & Julie Millers’ Holding up the Sky. We started to write our own, but couldn’t’ have said it better than they already did.

Wow. Ten years.

It seems silly to say, but it has truly taken everything¬† we’ve have been, and every circumstance we’ve each been through to become who we are.¬† Our love for each other has inspired and spilled over into the love we feel for everyone and everything in our lives. Our deep love for our children (and now our new grandson)… for people of all cultures, faiths, and lifestyles… for the things and circumstances that have forced us to grow… for friends with whom we disagree, but love for who they are.

Love is a very powerful thing. And make no mistake, love changes the way we look at the world and everything around us. We are all love, because love is all there is.

Our gift to you, in celebration of our ten years together, is a free download of our love song, Sonnet.

Just click Download to get to the download page then click Buy Now and enter zero (0) for the amount. You’ll see the green download button. No email address required, its just our gift.

Here’s a video of a live, acoustic version of Sonnet from earlier this year, at Russ & Julie’s House Concerts.


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