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What is Enough, and what is madness?

We were in the middle of mixing Love Can Change The World when the messages from Tom Shadyac’s documentary, “I Am – The Film” worked their way into a rhythmic chant…

What is enough, and what is madness?
Where do we stand along this path of sadness
Follow the line between hunger and greed
How much do we need?

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations spread throughout the country, and the voices are being heard. Every day we balance our bills with our established level of comfort, and even with our nervousness about the future we remind ourselves of how much better off we are than so, so many people in our country and beyond.

Changing the world starts with each one of us. We’re not begrudging those who are financially successful. We just need to ask ourselves, what is enough? How much do we really need, and what can we do to make this a country – and a world – where children don’t go hungry and everyone has access to healthcare?