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What makes someone a “gentleman”?

Two of our friends have made their transition in the past six weeks. Both cancer-related. Both long before the rest of us were ready to let them go.

Chuck McCabe left us on July 23, 2010 – Kenny Edwards passed away on August 18, 2010

Kenny Edwards, Chris Kee, Bev Barnett, Greg Newlon

Both were good friends, stellar musicians and songwriters, incredibly giving souls and true gentlemen. We were talking the other day about our personal reactions to this loss.  We realized that its not really an emptiness we’re feeling… its more like we’re carrying around something extra. Not a burden. Its more like a bundle of memories.

Among those memories are the house concerts we hosted – both performed in our living room to a full house several times – and the Acoustic Fridays Songwriter in the Round shows we did at our home base coffee house, Mission City Coffee in Santa Clara California.

But what really stands out in our memories are the countless stories of Chuck’s and Kenny’s helpfulness to other musicians and songwriters, including us.  Both taught and nurtured budding songwriters – Chuck held works in progress sessions at Keith Holland Guitars in Los Gatos and Kenny was a mainstay at the Summer Songs West camps in Southern California.

Chuck McCabe, Bev Barnett, Greg Newlon

That word, gentleman, keeps coming to mind in describing both Chuck and Kenny. Gentleness… kindness… patience… maybe that’s a small change we can all try to make in our dealings with others.