Lessons & Workshops

Greg Newlon’s musical background is wide and varied.  He’s a seasoned  guitar player, songwriter, vocalist and arranger experienced in styles from rock to country to blues, to barbershop to a capella  and beyond.

His musical philosophy can be summed up as “it can’t be all that hard … I can do it.”

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Partial Capo Workshop

Tired of playing the same old chords? Want new ways to interpret your favorite songs? Need something to jump start your creativity that’s not rocket science?

Partial capos can open up a world of possibilities. Learn simple ways to find a new path for your guitar in this two hour workshop. You’ll learn how to use full, drop D, and partial capos to create new voicings for any style you want to play.

Guitar Arranging to Serve the Song

Whether you’re a songwriter with a desire to build your ability to arrange your songs for guitar – or whether you just want to learn how to move beyond basic chords to play your favorite rock, country and folk songs – this workshop will give you the tools to add interest to your guitar accompaniments.  We’ll look at using different chord voicings, varying your picking and strumming patterns and adding percussive accents.

Learn How to Play your Favorite Beatles Tunes Correctly

This workshop is a “nurturing free zone.” The Beatles were a huge influence on popular music, so its no wonder that sooner or later, nearly every guitar player cuts his or teeth on songs like Blackbird, or Norwegian Wood.  The fab four created some fairly complex music. When it is “dumbed down” to basic chords, however, the uniqueness is diminished.

Private Lessons

In addition to basic beginner guitar, blues, and lead guitar, any of the above subject matter can be taught privately in Greg’s Campbell, California studio.


Email greg @ truewindmusic.com (remove the spaces) to inquire about lessons or workshops.


In the video below, Greg performs It May Not Be Today (JD Martin/Paul Williams) with JD Martin. Greg plays a Keith Holland custom T.