About Us

You’ll swear Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon have been singing together all their lives. And maybe they have – it just took them awhile to find each other.

They lived only twenty miles apart when Greg was lead guitarist for several Chicago area rock bands in the mid-70s, but for obvious reasons, Bev wasn’t allowed to venture out to the clubs as a second grader.

Fast forward 20 years. Both had settled in Northern California, after a long and winding path through the Rocky Mountain music scene of the late 70s for Greg – and through following the tech boom of Silicon Valley for Bev. They met, they sang, and the connection was obvious – soul mates were reunited.


Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon “take a sophisticated approach to their
contemporary folk Americana.”

— Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon effortlessly
channel the intimate, casual atmospheres of
cozy living rooms and warm hearths.”

— Good Times, Santa Cruz

With a sound much greater than the sum of its parts, Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon jump the lines between folk, rock, blues and singer-songwriter soulfulness. Their original songs feature tight vocal harmonies and lush guitar arrangements. “It’s amazing what they can do with just two voices and six strings,” said Eric Behlmer of the Barn Concert Series in Gilroy Calif.

Bev Barnett has a gift for delivering the true essence of a song. Her voice has been called angelic – but with the ability to ‘turn down the sheets.’ Sometimes you hear the honeyed tones of Mary Chapin Carpenter, and sometimes you hear the haunting sounds of Sade.

Greg Newlon knows his way around a fret board. His style is all at once casual and intense, including alternate tunings and using partial capos for sophisticated chord voicings. His percussive style enhances every arrangement.