Is our Flame Burning Brightly?

– from Bev

Two CandlesTwo candles burn side-by-side, one noticeably shorter than the other. We know that one will burn out before the other, but until that time – right up until that time – both burn brightly.

This has been a week of emotional extremes for me. We greeted a beautiful, healthy baby grand daughter on Tuesday August 12 – the same day as her aunt Christine’s 23rd birthday. It was a day of celebration – Aubrey Grace brings the joy and perfection of new life to our family once again and we are so grateful.

This morning I was dressed in black, for the funeral of John Foster McKenna who passed away last Friday after a 20-month battle with brain cancer. He would have been 24 later this year.

Christine had let me know about John last Friday morning. Later that day my mom called to tell me that my Aunt Ann had passed away, also that morning. She was in her 80s.

Birth and death. Death at opposite ends of life expectancy.

mama papa aubrey blogThe priest at John’s funeral said he didn’t have the answer to the inevitable question, why? But he offered this illustration – of the two candles. And he voiced what the 500 people in attendance already knew about John: He had burned brightly, even though the flame had not lasted as long as ours.

Love is the source of that flame. It is the fuel that knows no limit and it is equally available to all of us. It can change the world of a young family with a brand new baby, a widower in his 80s, parents mourning an unfathomable loss and yes – the family, friends and fans of Robin Williams who also passed this week and made the whole world stop and think.

Let’s all burn brightly.

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