Keeping the Pirate Flag Flying

by Bev Barnett

I subscribe to Chris Brogan’s weekly emails. They are free – I highly recommend subscribing. Chris says that as independent entrepreneurs, whether we are musicians, software designers or coffee shop owners, our job is to focus on keeping the pirate flag flying. Its not to go after the fleet.

LoveflagI might change that slightly to say our job is to keep the love flag flying. To keep the music coming. To make sure that we not only creating great music, but that we are mindful about creating a sustainable existence so we can continue to serve our community and create more music, more love.

Our friends Roman Morykit and Cilette Swann – Gypsy Soul – are in the middle of an IndieGoGo fan funding campaign to not only fund their next CD release, but to launch the next phase of service to their community. To create more awareness for the causes they support. To educate other independent musicians¬†based on what they’ve learned.

They are asking for help to keep their love flag flying. Click here to find out how you can help.


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