Our Season of Dreaming

This is the season of darkness, but not of gloom. It is the season of cold, but not of bitterness.

In the Spring, the trees – and all of nature – are in their glory. The leaves dance, the blossoms sing and if we listen, they have so much to tell us.

Season-of-DreamingBut in the darkness of winter, if we ask the trees for their wisdom, they might just answer….

“This is our season of dreaming. 
We will speak again in Spring,
when it is warm, and we have leaves.”
-Wayne Porter

Bev’s friend Wayne posted this photo on Facebook earlier this month, taken with a three-year-old cell phone near his home in Ohio. She casually posted a comment on the photo… “what are trees saying to you?” He responded with this beautiful verse, and we wrote the song within the next two hours.

Wish wish you the happiest of holidays, and all that you dream of ….


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