Finding Your Voice and Speaking Your Truth

Earlier this year, I connected with a powerhouse of a woman: Nancy Mills, founder of – a global women’s empowerment community. The whole idea behind The Spirited Woman is to celebrate the Every Woman Visionary, changing the world one spirited woman step at a time.

Yesterday, hundreds of visionary women began a 12-day Sharefest on Facebook and Pinterest, with an intriguing and thought provoking theme for each day.

Today’s theme is “Finding your Voice and Speaking Your Truth.”

This is a deeply personal topic for me. The bridge to “I Found Myself” which we recorded on our “Love Can Change The World” CD, says…

I lived through the silence, and found my voice

Now I am standing behind my choice

The details of my story aren’t as important as the result of reaching a point in my life when I simply had to listen to my inner voice, allow it to inform my voice in the world, and stand up for that choice.

My choices are what have shaped me. It has taken all I have been, to become who I am.

That is self-love. And self-love is a love that changes the world, every day.

 — Bev

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