Odetta’s Farm: The Gates Foundation on Fighting Hunger and Poverty

We wrote a while back about what an impact Tom Shadyac’s documentary I AM – The Film has had on us. Not that the fact that we are all connected is new or surprising, but, like so many other people we just get caught up in our daily grind and we forget.

In particular, the concept of “enough’ has stuck with us. What is enough? How much do we really need? At what point does the constant race for more and better and finer and richer become sheer madness at the expense of other human beings?

We’re just finishing up recording our new CD but these words just kept hitting us, so we’ve added a brand new song that echoes this chant over and over… what is enough, and what is madness? We can’t wait to share it with you.

Odetta’s Farm

In this video from the Gates Foundation, Bill narrates the story about Odetta’s farm in¬†Rwanda. By working in partnership with the World Food Programme Odetta has expanded her crop, which means she is providing much needed food for her community in addition to meeting her own needs. She has quadrupled her income in the last year and now lives in a four room home rather than a two room hut – which means she can care for and feed the children of her poorer relatives in addition to her own two children.

Odetta’s story is touching – but more than that, it’s an important lesson about what is enough. And about how what we do with our abundance matters a great deal in this very connected world we share.

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