Pay it Forward Day

My high school friend Kathy sent me a Facebook invitation to Pay it Forward Day, apparently the second annual Pay it Forward Day created by David Del Mundo of Santa Cruz California.

Back in August I posted that Greg and I had never seen the movie, and thought we should rent it. We still haven’t done it – but it doesn’t mean that the concept has escaped us.

I haven’t been on Facebook all that much the past couple of days, so I didnt’ really look at the event page Kathy sent me until this evening. Its a cool idea, and its encouraging to read the comments from people…. on the event wall. Several people pre-paid for coffee for those in line behind them … one picked up an older woman and gave her a ride home … and another pointed out that its not only about purchasing something, rather its an attitude – a way of life based in kindness and gratitude. Someone else started a new Pay it Forward Every Day Facebook page, where you can share your random acts of kindness every day.

Some may say that telling people about the nice things you do for others somehow negates those acts of kindness. And I have to admit, bragging is not flattering. But part of spreading the the idea of doing good things in the world has to involve telling these stories – whether we tell what we did for someone else, or what someone else did for us.

I say tell it, spread it, watch it grow…. pay it forward.

– bev

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