Kicking the Fear and Anger Habit

If we want to look at the world from a place of love rather than fear, anger or hate, we've got to make some changes. And by we I mean, well, it starts right here with us.

In his Feb. 25 article Feeding the Beast — our Addiction to Anger and Fear, Larry Gellman of the Huffington Post writes:

If most people say their goal in life is to be happy, then why do they
spend so much time and money convincing themselves and others how
furious and fearful they should be? Why do millions of us spend much of
the day listening to ranting, raving, outraged people on the radio,
come home and watch the angry Right wingers on Fox or the angry Left
wingers on MSNBC and then read the steady stream of emails telling us
how mad and scared to death we should be of our own government,
Muslims, Arabs, Obama, Liberals, Congress, the media and everyone else
in the world?

Bottom line is that fear is too often used to control, motivate and generally keep people in line with whatever line of thinking is desired by those doing the controlling. Be afraid… very afraid… we are told.

This doesn't mean "lie down and take it." Game playing politicians and banks that pay out large bonuses instead of lending money to small businesses can really make us angry. But let's not seek out ways to feed that anger. Let's not let fear get the best of us. 

Gellman provides this keen perspective:

These are very hard and challenging times for most Americans. The
solutions do not lie in anger and demonizing the other. They lie in our
own hope, perspective, ingenuity, and ability to be part of the

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